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Meet Eric

Managing Principal

The company's founder Eric Harter worked on the paddlewheel steamboat (Mississippi Queen) for a few years back in the early 90s where he learned this unique regional term, during this time Eric experience “Lagniappe” personally for the first time. It has stuck with him ever since.

Here is the story how it all happened:


While working in fine dining on a vessel that was steeped in traditions from the New Orleans area he was exposed to the practice everyday. To separate yourself in fine dining and the hospitality industry you need to excel in the details of what makes you better or different, the lagniappe.


The feeling when providing Lanyap is that you are giving a little something extra to the client that they are not expecting, the baker's dozen, the extra cherry on top and the long term service after the sale.


The idea of giving a little something extra has remained with Eric throughout the entirety of his career and we at Lanyap are always looking for how we to make this happen for our clients and friends. 


Meet Don

Managing Principal

Don Drury is a seasoned, well traveled executive with a diverse background in business.


Don has a record of progressive responsibility in industry.  He has worked successfully inside of the Sales, Management, Executive Management and Operations verticals.  

This combination of experience is very rare and unique, thus allowing him to have a solid understanding and appreciation for the interwoven dynamics that come within businesses.   He is known for being an out-of-the-box thinker and problem solver. Additionally he has an entrepreneurial background which has proven to be very beneficial.

Don welcomes stiff challenges in the utilization of all his combined skill set to achieve excellence and overcome barriers that might seem insurmountable along the way.

Don is one of only 26 Executive Master Black Belts in the world and had the opportunity to be trained and mentored personally by Dr. Mikel Harry, co-creator of Six Sigma. 

Don’s career stops;

Merrill Lynch - progressive and diverse responsibilities.

BBVA - investment management and banking production and executive management.

Don has had the opportunity to work with a proven marketer and learn from the inside out the marketing agency business.  

CEO at Dr. Mikel J. Harry’s Six Sigma Management Institute. 


Business consulting and solving problems for businesses in many industries applying the winning strategy in each one.